Jason is a multidisciplined photographer who lets his imagery tell stories. Through beautifully crafted photography and an eye for detail, Jason’s imagery unpacks emotional moments that tell a thousand words, drawing the best out of subject matters and models whilst creating a relaxed and controlled working environment that makes all feel at ease.

Letting the action play out naturally, Jason is able to capture multiple moments that seem effortless but mean so much. Jason’s eye and use of space along with a mix of ambient and enhanced lighting is often inspired by his interest in film and cinema, the mix of light sources with the aim of telling stories of people and their environment.

Though predominantly a people photographer, having that eye for detail, Jason can turn his talents to any brief and relishes a challenge, from cars to boats, still life to portrait, Jason manages to find those creative angles that turns heads and that makes the subject stand apart from the rest. From stunning landscapes that would hang on any wall to capturing the art of creative cookery, Jason can turn his camera to any challenge.

If you need to power up or slow things down, no problem. Jason’s interpretation of the commission is meticulously planned with a team of professionals before being delivered back to the client. The most common problem Jason’s clients usually face? Which photo to choose!

If it’s an outstanding video show-piece you need, then rest assured that Jason works seamlessly with some of the best cinematographers to match in moving and still imagery. Hop onto the show reels page for a taster of his videos.

What makes Jason a world-class photographer is his connection to the world around him and his skill for intuitive, split-second decisions. The miniscule details that most people are unaware of, Jason instinctively sees and translates them into something much more than the sum of its parts.

Clients who have worked with him say he is, “a talented, natural shooter”.